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Withdrawing Mentors

Mentor applicants are occasionally unable to complete the screening process. In these cases, their application will  be withdrawn. 

A few reasons for applicant withdrawal:

  • Applicant does not complete application or screening steps
  • Applicant stops responding to the screening team or, in certain cases, a background check vendor
  • Applicant says that they can no longer commit to the program
  • Applicant moves

How to withdraw a mentor applicant:

  • If the applicant has been unresponsive for two emails and one phone call, they will need to be pre-deadlined. The screener needs  to call the applicant stating screening is wondering if they can still commit to the program. If they do not answer this call, leave a voicemail, send the SF pre-deadline template and mark the date deadlined in the "deadline note" field. After a week of unresponsiveness, follow up with the SF deadline email marking the last day to respond as a week from the day you send the email. On the day of the deadline, change application status in Salesforce to "Staff- Withdrawal”.  Choose the applicable item from picklists in both "Stage of Withdrawal" and "Reason" fields in Salesforce."
  • If the applicant says they can no longer commit to the program, change application status in Salesforce to "Self-Withdrawal." Choose applicable items from picklist in "Stage of Withdrawal" and "Reason" fields in Salesforce.
  • If the applicant happens to notify their former screener that they'd like to withdraw after they are RTBM, check the application in Salesforce and notify the regional team member in charge of the RTBM pipeline. If the individual is on a site list, chatter the regional team member responsible for program operations and inform them that the applicant is no longer viable for matching.