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Withdrawing and Rejecting Mentors

The Screening team determines whether or not an applicant should be approved to join the iMentor program.


Rejecting Mentors
After an applicant completes the screening process, they will either be approved or rejected. An applicant will be rejected if they have not demonstrated that they will be safe, consistent, collaborative and mission-aligned mentor. An applicant ...
Withdrawing Mentors
Mentor applicants are occasionally unable to complete the screening process. In these cases, their application will  be withdrawn.  A few reasons for applicant withdrawal: Applicant does not complete application or screening steps Ap...
Predeadlining and Deadlining Mentor Applicants
Occasionally, mentor applicants fail to complete all the necessary steps of the screening process. They can become unresponsive, hard-to-contact , or they follow-up intermittently while missing interview and background check appointments. In such c...