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Use this Powerpoint to conduct info sessions with corporate partners

This PowerPoint can be used to provide information about the iMentor program to employees at corporate partners. These info sessions usually have 10-20 employees in attendance, take place over the lunch hour, and last 30-45 minutes followed by a question and answer session. 

Alternatively, this PowerPoint, with updated BBBS branding, can be adapted to meet your needs. 

Be sure to make adjustments to the PowerPoint based on your own specific program and needs.

As an example, watch an iMentor Recruiter give this presentation at one of our NYC corporate partners here. When watching this video, please keep the following in mind:

  • You may notice “email” used to describe the online communication that mentors and mentees have each week. We recommend using the language “online communication” or “writing activities” instead.
  • You’ll notice the recruiter mention our focus to recruit mentors with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Recruiting diverse mentors is one of our focus areas in our NYC direct service program. The recruiter makes a point to mention this during the session because attendees of this particular session were part of a diversity committee/group within the corporate partner. However, when planning for your recruitment sessions, make sure to tailor the presentation and talking points based on what you find most important in a mentor for students in your community.