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Step 3: Pitching mentor2.0 to School Partners [Resources]

This article links to resources leaders can use to plan and execute high quality informational meetings with individual district/school leaders or facilitate group presentations regarding iMentor's mission, vision and programming in a way that highlights the value add of partnership with the organization.

Tips and Tricks for Facilitating High-Impact Informational Meetings 

This one-pager provides advice leaders should consider when planning and preparing to facilitate informational meetings in various settings. 

Sample Meeting Agendas for Informational Meetings 

This resource presents two example agendas leaders can use or customize informational meetings. 

Sample Deck for Informational Meetings 

These sample PowerPoint presentations can be used by regional leaders during informational meetings.  This deck compliments the sample meeting agendas linked above and include detailed notes to support leaders' customization and facilitation of the content.  

Informational Meeting Collateral 

These folders contains branded packets that provide detailed information about iMentor's programming and reach, as well as the structure and value add of partnering with the organization. Leaders can use these documents as collateral to support their informational meetings.  

Curriculum Overview Collateral 

This resource provides a high-level overview of iMentor curricular goals, design principles, grade-level pair checklists and individual unit descriptions that regional leaders can share with interested district/school stakeholders to bring the curriculum to life.