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PSP Pair Support Research

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring - Monitoring and Support Excerpt

This excerpt is from the premier resource in the field of mentoring with regards to evidence-based implementation best-practices.  Because iMentor's pair support philosophy is rooted in the program benchmarks and research presented in this section of the text, it is a helpful foundational resource for implementation teams to base their implementation approach in.

Evidence-Based Pair Support Best-Practices

This resource highlights six high-level best-practices regarding pair support that PMs can use to guide their approach in alignment with evidence-based practices.  

Pair Support Best-Practice Research Review

This resource provides excerpts from the research that informed the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring.  Excerpts are focused on the six high-level best-practices that iMentor chose to institutionalize through program implementation.

Ethical Principles in Mentoring

Dr. Jean Rhodes is among the most prolific contributors to the field of mentoring and has been publishing research for over 30 years.  This publication is arguably one of her most important contributions as it succinctly frames the five most important things mentoring practitioners should always keep in mind when making and supporting matches to ensure that mentees' well-being is preserved above all else.

Mentoring Research Library

iMentor regularly reviews mentoring research as it is released for consideration of iterations to program design and implementation.  This link directs to a folder containing key research publications.