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Program Wrap-Up

Each spring, Program Managers (PMs) are charged with supporting pairs to prepare for the upcoming summer and set them up for success in the next phase of their relationship.  This stage of the program year is referred to as program wrap-up.  

Independent Pre-Work

Introduction to Program Wrap-Up

  • Read this 1.5-page resource that provides the overarching goals or program wrap-up as well as a high-level summary of the role of the PM during this stage of the program year.

Program Wrap-Up Checklist - 11th Grade

  • Read this 1-page resource that describes the work streams of 11th grade PMs during program wrap-up.

Program Wrap-Up Checklist - 12th Grade

  • Read this 1-page resource that describes the work streams of 12th grade PMs during program wrap-up.

Program Wrap-Up Best Practices

  • Review this 1-page collection of best-practices established by PMs over the years.  

Follow-Up Resources

Spring Planning Call Guides

Pair Support Documentation Protocol 

  • During program wrap-up, 11th grade PMs are responsible for documenting the spring planning call as well as recording a Quarterly Summary Note for all pairs before June 30th.  
  • 12th grade PMs are responsible for recording a High School to PSP Transition note.  Bookmark this resource which includes links to step-by-step instructions for all pair support documentation.  
  • Exemplar Quarterly Summary Notes and High School to PSP Transition Notes can also be accessed HERE.

Match Closure Resources 

  • In the case of pair relationships that will not continue, PMs are responsible for following match closure procedures and supporting pairs towards healthy closure.  Bookmark this page that includes guidance for fostering healthy closure, email templates and step-by-step instructions for closing matches on the iMentor Platform. 


Facilitation materials for the synchronous portion of this training content can be accessed HERE.