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Post-Secondary Performance Management

Freedoms and Fidelities

Regional leaders are responsible for ensuring implementation is executed in alignment with nationally established guidelines regarding program model fidelity in addition to thoughtfully customizing appropriate model elements to suit regional context.  The framework that outlines which model components must be implemented as designed and those which are open for customization is referred to as "freedoms and fidelities."  This resource outlines the freedoms and fidelities for the post-secondary years of iMentor programming. 

Annual Implementation Priorities

Pairs and un-matched mentees participating in the post-secondary years of iMentor programming has a varied experience based on the pathway they have chosen and the phase of their relationship.  This resource introduces the quarterly implementation priorities for an entire fiscal year at a high level.

Implementation Checklists

The priorities of program implementation teams shift throughout the year as pairs and un-matched mentees progress on their chosen pathways.  This link provides access to detailed task lists for each quarter of the fiscal year and links to resources that support high-quality implementation.