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Pair Relationship Quality Rubric

In order to help the organization understand whether our pairs are developing the kind of relationship the iMentor program is designed to foster, Program Managers (PMs) are charged with reflecting on each of their pairs' relationships and rating quality across four categories each spring.  This task is completed using the Pair Support Quality Rubric and the resources below are deigned to set PMs up for success in this endeavor.

These materials in the Independent Resource Review section are most effectively leveraged as pre-reads for a grade team meeting where PMs engage in the Pair Relationship Quality Rubric Norming exercise.  

Independent Resource Review 

Introduction to the Pair Relationship Quality Rubric

  • Read this 1.5-page resource that introduces the rubric and provides rationale for the importance it plays in helping the organization understand program efficacy.

Relationship Efficacy

  • Read the first 2 pages of this resource which introduces the Relationship Efficacy Matrix.  This tool, introduced during PM training, adds color to two of the rating categories in the Pair Relationship Quality Rubric: Developmental (i.e., close personal bond) and Instrumental (i.e., leveraging the relationship in service of the mentee's post-secondary goals).  Quickly revisiting this tool can help streamline PMs' process of rating pairs' relationship in these two categories.  

Pair Relationship Quality Rubric Norming Exercise

  • Collaborating with peers, use this resource to norm on rating individual pairs relationship quality across each of the four categories in the rubric.   

Follow-Up Resources

Guidance for Effectively Completing the Pair Relationship Quality Rubric

  • Read this 2-page resource that outlines strategies PMs can use to efficiently and effectively rate the quality of pairs' mentoring relationships.

How to Use the Pair Relationship Quality Rubric on the iMentor Platform

  • Review this Learning Center article which provides step-by-step instructions for completing the rubric on the iMentor Platform.


Facilitation materials for the norming exercise portion of this training content (facilitation notes embedded in presentation material) can be accessed HERE.