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JULY Class of 2018

Reflecting on Your Relationship 

This month, using the prompts below, you should begin by sharing reflections on your mentoring relationship with each other.  Next, use this opportunity to revisit your plans for how you will communicate and when you will meet this summer.

  1. Start by sharing your own candid reflections on your relationship this year. Share the following with your mentee and then ask them to share their thoughts using the same prompts.
  • A time you inspired me…. 
  • A topic I want to discuss more with you… 
  • An experience I would like us to share together this summer…

    2.  Use the prompts below to revisit and solidify plans for how you will stay in touch and when / where you will meet each month (in-person or virtually).

  • The best way for us to stay in touch this summer is….
  • I am committed to meeting every month this summer and the best time/place would be…

   3.  Use this time to schedule your next in-person or virtual meetings (July and August). 

  • Ask your mentee to enter the dates/times into a calendar or planner (consider using a shared google calendar and sending invites for those dates/times during your meeting).
  • Remember to schedule reminders for these meetings and discuss how you will notify each other if you need to reschedule.
  • Discuss and plan for a pair outing this summer. 

Summer Planning and Action Items

  1. Encourage your mentee to take the lead for this discussion by discussing their goals and plans for the summer and the specific actions they need to take now to stay on track. You might ask your mentee:
  • What is the most important goal you want to achieve this summer? 
  • What are your plans for the fall? Will you return to or start college? 
  • Are you planning to work this summer?
  • Do you know all of the steps you need to complete to stay on track to start college in the fall?
  • What type of support do you need from your iMentor Program Manager?
  • What is the best way I can support you this summer?
  • What are the three most important tasks you need to complete right away?

    2.   Be sure to document what your mentee has shared and commit to following up with them to ensure they get the support they need to stay on track this summer. 

     3.  Remember to reach out directly to your Program Manager with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help! 

Maximizing Support During Summer Months

  1. Start by reminding your mentee of the commitment you both have made as a participant in iMentor’s Post-Secondary Program
  • Communicate weekly (via text, email, phone call, etc.)
  • Meet in-person or virtually each month and use the iMentor Monthly Mentoring Discussion Guideto drive your conversation
  • Complete short surveys so that your Program Manager can provide the right support at the right time
  • Attend summer pair events

    2.   Review the benefits of participating in PSP

  • Access to iMentor’s Emergency Fund to help students with unexpected costs that would prevent them from matriculating to or persisting in their chosen pathway
  • Monthly Mentoring Discussion Guide to drive conversations each month
  • Summer Text Messages to keep students on track to start their pathway in the fall
  • Ongoing text message reminders and calls to action so students stay on track

     3.  Review and Discuss Next Steps

  • Review how you will communicate each week this year (text, email, phone call, etc.)
  • Review when and where you will meet this summer (and how you will notify each other if you need to reschedule)
  • Commit to attending summer pair events in July and August