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July Class of 2019


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Key takeaways:

  • For some mentees, even the most thought out post-secondary plans may be affected by COVID. This is the perfect time to check in with them to ensure their plan is still in place and if not, what they are going to do instead.

  • The added stresses of COVID may be overwhelming and scary to some mentees. Letting them know you are there to talk through their concerns and plans can help set them up for success.


Roles for mentors:

  • Thought Partner

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Students in the workforce or working towards a certificate program this fall are being faced with new challenges in the form of COVID and the uncertainty that comes with it. Your mentee may be feeling uneasy or confused about what to expect during this time. In order to help your mentee during this time, it will be beneficial to know what they are planning on doing in regards to COVID.

Your mentee may also be feeling some anxiety around their pathway. Checking in with your mentee will allow you to gain insight into how they are feeling about their pathway along with making sure they are still on track to continue their plan for the fall.



COVID may have interrupted or added complications to your mentees post-secondary plan.

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Prompts for Communication:

Here are some ideas for questions or conversations starters you can use this month to discuss important and timely topics with your mentee.

  • Have you any of your post-secondary plans changed? Are you still excited about your pathway?
  • Has your job been affected at all due to COVID? If you already have a job, do you feel safe? Do you have a mask, gloves, etc?
  • If you don't have a job, are you finding it difficult to find one right now? Are you prepared for a virtual interview instead of an in person one?
  • What worries do you have about your post-secondary plan? What are you excited about?
  • If your mentee's pathway is a certificate program, you can ask them if they have all of the required documentation, tests, etc. submitted.

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  • Indeed: This article contains tips like how to succeed at a virtual interview and how to apply for financial support if you're affected by COVID.
  • US News & World Report: This article provides some background information on the current job market along with tips for landing a job or internship.
  • TIME: While this article is geared towards the Class of 2020, it is applicable to any recent grad with things not to say to young adults during this time.
  • WGBH audio and article: This article details the difficulties students are facing finding summer jobs due to COVID.