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Mentor Training Implementation Strategies

Mentor Training Checklist

Download and use this checklist to track all the steps needed to run your facilitated mentor training. 

Inviting Mentors to Facilitated Training Opportunities

This Learning Center article provides step-by-step instructions for inviting mentors to training opportunities.  Be sure to click on the "Mentor Training" link at the top of the article or scroll down to that section to access the appropriate steps to take.  

Mentor Training Facilitation Techniques

The resource provides a list of techniques PMs can use when facilitating mentor training sessions.  These recommended techniques are all rooted in the principles of adult learning.  

Mentor Training Facilitation Best-Practices

This resource provides effective strategies for implementing mentor training.

11th Grade Facilitated Mentor Training Follow-Up Email

This template can be used to follow-up with 11th grade mentors after they attend the first training to reeinforce learning and share additional resources.