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Mentor Training Research

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring - Training Excerpt

This excerpt is from the premier resource in the field of mentoring with regards to evidence-based implementation best-practices.  Because iMentor's training philosophy is rooted in the program benchmarks and research presented in this section of the text, it is a helpful foundational resource for implementation teams to base their implementation approach in.

Program Support and Value of Training in Mentors’ Satisfaction and Anticipated Continuation of School-Based Mentoring Relationships

This study examined the relationship between mentor training and satisfaction with the program experience as well as the effect on their likelihood to continue mentoring.

Risks and Rewards of school-Based Mentoring Relationships

This study presents a strong argument for the importance of mentor training in school-based programs as well as the positive effects of providing mentors with training on the specific tasks they will be asked to work in with their mentees.  

The Role of Risk - Mentoring Experiences and Outcomes for Youth with Varying Risk Profiles

This study explores the importance of mentor training within the context of mentoring youth with significant risk factors and from special populations.

An Evaluation of Factors Leading to Mentor Satisfaction with the Mentoring Relationship

This study shars findings regarding the connection between training and increased confidence in the role of mentor as well as high elvels of satisfaction that led to longer and stronger relationships.