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Match Intervention Protocol: Probationary Status Call Follow-Up

The following template is designed to be used as a baseline draft of the follow-up email to a mentor resulting from a formal warning.  Please note that you may need to slightly augment the language of this template based on the circumstance of the pair.  At a bare minimum, you will need to address the email to the appropriate recipient, edit the text in brackets and clean any formatting errors that resulted by the copy/paste action into Microsoft Outlook.


Based on the circumstances of the pair:

  • The PM's manager may want to approve this message before being sent to the mentor;
  • The PM may want to consider cc'ing their manager and including a note in the email message (i.e., "At this stage, I have to notify my manager [MANAGER NAME], who is cc'd on this message.")

Email Template


  • Mentor
  • PM's Manager

Email Subject: 

Follow-Up re: Call Discussing Probationary Status

Email Body:


Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me —I know it’s been a bit difficult for you to [communicate online/meet up] with [MENTEE] this year, but it was obvious from our conversation that you care a lot about [MENTEE] and I’m happy to do what I can to support you as a mentor to [him/her].  I wanted to send a follow-up email that recaps our conversation and outlines the action plan we came up with on the phone, just to make sure we’re on the same page about what it means to be on probationary status.

As we discussed on the phone, I’m concerned about how frequently you [message your mentee on the platform/have met your mentee] and how it’s affecting your relationship with [him/her].  Because we had already discussed this issue [ENTER TIME OF FORMAL WARNING DISCUSSION], I am required to place you in what’s called ‘probationary status.’  I hope you understand we have these policies so we can help mentors who are having a hard time meeting up or emailing with their mentee—more than anything I want to make sure we’re working together to support you as a mentor to Johnny. We have this policy in place because we know that honoring the mentoring commitment sets a positive example for mentees and is in the best interest of our students.

On the phone, you and I put together an action plan and agreed to check in after two and four weeks of the plan.  I am committed to supporting you as a mentor to [MENTEE] and, as part of the action plan, we discussed some of the things I can do as your PM to help out. 

Starting [ENTER CURRENT DATE], I will be sure to [call you from class each week/present you with alternate meeting options at the school] in order to help you [meet up/communicate online regularly] with [MENTEE] .

On your end, you committed to meet your mentee each month and email before class session each week.  In order to do this, we discussed how you will [set phone reminders/come to class/etc.]. 

We also agreed to two follow-up phone calls to take place on [ENTER DATES OF SCHEDULED CALLS].

I’m hopeful that this plan will [help you to meet up with your mentee at least once a month.] I really want to keep the two of you matched, but it’s important to note that probationary status is typically the last warning given before we un-match a pair.

Thanks again for all that you’ve done this year and please let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you as a mentor to [MENTEE].  Again, I know mentoring isn’t always easy and I really appreciate your working through this with me.

All the best,