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Match Intervention Protocol: Decision Tree

There are three Match Intervention actions across four different scenarios outline in the Match Intervention Protocol.  The decision tree presented in this article is a visual tool to support Program Mangers (PMs) and their managers navigate that based on the circumstances of an individual pair. 

Using the Match Intervention Protocol Decision Tree

To use the tool, simply begin at the top of the decision tree and answer each question presented to identify the appropriate next step.  The Match Intervention Protocol article provides details on how to deploy the strategy you landed on.

Note: You might notice the dotted line from a mentor not meeting expectations directly to issuing a warning.  This is simply to illustrate that, based on the circumstances involved in a Match Intervention scenario, PMs and their manager may elect to issue a warning if the inconsistency of a mentor is so egregious that immediate escalation to this point is a potential path (regardless of a mentor's communication consistency with the PM).