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EVENT: End of Year Celebration - 12.10

Grade # - Unit Name

Mentees will recap what they accomplished this year and reflect on their experiences with their mentors.

Event Overview


Pairs will:

  • Reflect on and celebrate their year together

Guiding Questions:

  • What were the most notable moments of your past year?
  • What do you appreciate about your mentor/mentee?

Lesson Resources:

  • Photo booth resources
  • Camera and/or staff person to take photos at photo booth
  • Skittles for Skittle Activity in Keystone 1
  • Art supplies for Thank You Card Activity in Keystone 1
  • Set up photo booth for entry point activity
  • Welcome posters and signage visible as mentors and mentees approach the door of the event space.
  • Ensure all technology is functioning properly before participants arrive (if applicable).
  • Setup separate waiting areas for mentors and mentees. 
  • Setup clear way for pairs to find each other during designated time (i.e. numbers, names, etc.).
  • Have DISH conversation card decks ready on tables.
  • Have upbeat, professionally-appropriate music playing.
  • Greet each person as they enter the event space. Welcome them as they arrive and address them by name.
  • Have fun!

Entry Point (35 min)

Welcome and Opening

Chunk One: Welcome

  • Staff formally welcomes all participants. 
  • Staff thanks everyone for showing up on time.
  • Present opportunity for school staff, principal, etc., to welcome participants.

Chunk Two: Selfies and Supper

  • Staff will instruct mentors and mentees on how they will get food and return to their seats.
  • Staff will have photo booth set up for mentors and mentees to visit in pairs or with friends while catching up over dinner.
  • Staff will signal if and when seconds are available.
  • Staff will give pairs 5 minute warning to clean up and throw away trash.

Keystone 1


Mentors and mentees will reflect on the past year and their pair relationships.


Chunk One: Skittle Activity

  • Staff will distribute 3-4 Skittles to each person
  • Staff will instruct mentors and mentees to join 2 other pairs to form groups of 6
  • Pairs will use the following as a conversation guide in their groups:
    • For every RED Skittle you have, share one thing you're excited about for next year.
    • For every GREEN Skittle you have, share one thing you will miss about this year.
    • For every YELLOW Skittle you have, share a proud moment from this year.
    • For every ORANGE Skittle you have, share one thing you're nervous about for next year.
    • For every PURPLE Skittle you have, share one thing you appreciate about your mentor or mentee.

Chunk Two: Thank You Cards

  • Staff will instruct mentors and mentees to pick up art supplies from the card station
  • Participants will use the supplies they gathered to write and/or create a thank you card for their mentor/mentee
Facilitation Note: staff should consider how they'd like mentors and mentees to exchange the thank you cards that they create. Examples include:
  • Mailing them over the summer
  • Allowing pairs to exchange their cards in person during the event
  • Collecting the thank you cards that mentors create for mentees and distributing them during the last iMentor class

Keystone 2


This activity provides an opportunity for pairs to end their final event on a fun, enjoyable note that also allows pairs to continue learning about one another.


Chunk One: Where The Wind Blows

  • Staff will instruct participants to form one large circle around the room with their shoulders touching
    • NOTE: staff can also choose to do this in two smaller circles, or adjust the logistics as needed based on the size of the event and the space available
  • Staff will identify one person to begin in the center of the circle
  • Staff will walk participants through an example in order to teach them the rules, i.e:
    • The person in the center of the circle will call out, "The wind blows for everyone who..." and finish the sentence with a fact about themselves. For example, "The wind blows for everyone who is the oldest sibling."
    • Next, everyone to whom this sentence applies, including the person who made the statement, must find a new place in the circle.
    • Since there will be space in the circle for everyone except one person, the last person to find a spot will move to the center of the circle and repeat the steps above.
  • Staff will repeat as long as time allows.

Exit Ramp (5 min)

Community Debrief and Mentee Exit

  • Staff will give pairs an opportunity to say goodbye, since this will be the last event until next year.
  • Exit ritual for mentees.‚Äč

Mentor Huddle (15 min)


  • Staff will thank mentors for participating in the year.
  • Staff will make any relevant announcements and preview any upcoming milestones and curriculum topics.

Community Dialogue

  • Staff will instruct mentors to form groups of 2-4. In their groups, mentors should discuss:
    • What is something you did well as a mentor this year? What are you proud of?
    • What is a challenge you experienced in mentoring this year?
    • What have you learned about being a mentor this year? How have you grown?
  • Staff will facilitate a share-out.

Closing Ritual

  • Staff should facilitate a closing ritual for mentors to build community and to leave on a high note.