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11B Phase 0

Mentee Orientation 

This is a pre-match phase which introduces students to the iMentor program, the role of the mentor-mentee, and the way the curriculum and classes support them in this work. This phase prepares students to complete their new mentee application for matching. At the end of the phase, students will be prepared to fully participate in the program and will understand the reasoning/benefits of the program.



Mentee Orientation Event

This is a pre-match event. This event serves to create excitement around the iMentor program and the monthly mentee/mentor events. Students will engage in community building activities and will be encouraged to submit their consent forms. PMs can also choose to launch the senior panel during this event instead of carrying it out in the classroom.

Program Welcome Call Guide - for Parents/GuardiansThis script serves to support PMs as they conduct program introduction calls with parents /guardians. 
Intro to iMentor Programming 
This is a deck that you can use to introduce students to our programming. It can be used with 9th/10th grade as well. 



0.1 The Power and Potential of Mentoring Relationships  SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of a formal mentoring relationship and the purpose of a mentor.

0.2 It Takes Two: Elements of a Successful Mentoring

SWBAT articulate the roles and responsibilities of a mentee and a mentor.
0.3  What I Want in a MentorSWBAT identify mentor roles and what they want in a mentor (and why).

0.4 Matching Applications

SWBAT self-reflect and complete a matching application in an honest manner.
0.5 My Story of Self

SWBAT create a story of self that explains their life journey and growth.

0.6 Beginning of Year Survey

SWBAT complete their BOY survey.

0.7 Enrichment: Senior PanelSWBAT hear from seniors currently in the iMentor program.

*Note: this is an enrichment lesson and can be run at any point of the phase.*