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11A Phase 1


This phase will last from September to mid October. In this phase, students will (re)connect with their mentors in order to start the year off strong. Mentees and mentors will know the expectations and goals for the year and will be able to use those as a base to which to come back to and strengthen their bond.



Pair ChecklistThis checklist, that lives on the Platform, will provide pairs with key objectives to hit before the end of the phase.



1.1 Get InspiredSWBAT reflect on inspirational stories of overcoming hardship. 

1.2 It Takes Two

SWBAT articulate their roles and responsibilities as a mentee. 
1.3  Beginning of Year SurveySWBAT understand how to navigate and use the Platform and complete their BOY survey.

1.4 Successes and Failures

SWBAT understand the importance of adopting a growth mindset and learning from failures. 
1.5 Advocating for My Needs
SWBAT identify how and who to turn to for academic and social support.
1.6 Goal Setting

SWBAT set one personal and one academic goal for the year and ask their mentor for specific support around achieving these goals.

1.7 Senior PanelSWBAT hear from seniors currently in the iMentor program.



Pair Event:
Communicating to Success

Pairs will learn and practice healthy forms of communication. 

Pairs will make agreements to utilize the healthy forms of communication for future rapport building. 

This event is written for new pairs but can be implemented through the lens of "resetting communication going into the post-secondary planning process.