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11A Phase 3

Post Secondary Research

This phase will occur from March to the end of April. Pairs will identify the key components of match and fit so that they can research and select post-secondary pathways that are strong options for the mentee. An emphasis will be placed on academic match to ensure that students are not under-matching and on diversity as a fit factor. Pairs will work together to create a list of 5-10 post-secondary options.  



Pair Checklist

This checklist outlines the tasks that pairs will need to complete by the end of the phase. There are resources provided for each task that walk pairs through the activity. This checklist also appears on each week's Platform lesson for phase 3. 

Parent Guide to Post-Secondary PathwaysThis guide serves to encourage parents to begin their conversation surrounding post-secondary options with their child. 
Mentor Guide to Fit FactorsThis guide serves to provide an overview of fit factors to mentors as well as supporting questions mentors can ask their mentee to reflect on fit factors.
Mentor Guide to Researching Post Secondary PathwaysThis guide walks mentors through the process of researching post-secondary pathways (both college and pro-pathways). 
Big Future GuideStudents that were not present for the 3.6 lesson, or need to review the content once more, can use this guide to learn how to research college options on the Big Future website. 



3.1 Introduction to the Post-Secondary Landscape
SWBAT identify the different post-secondary pathways that they could choose to follow.

3.2 My Fit Factors - Part 1

SWBAT understand the different fit factors they should consider before pursuing a post-secondary program.

3.3 My Fit Factors - Part 2
SWBAT understand the different fit factors they should consider before pursuing a post-secondary program.

3.4 Considering Diversity at as Fit Factor 

SWBAT identify the importance of considering diversity as a fit factor when researching and applying to post-secondary options.

3.5 Academic Match 

SWBAT define the terms "safety," "target," "reach," and "undermatching" in relation to post-secondary programs.

3.6 Post-Secondary Research Set Up  

SWBAT understand the process of utilizing resources for post-secondary research and begin to craft a post-secondary list.

3.7 Post-Secondary Research - Day 1 

SWBAT research safety, target, and reach colleges.

3.8 Post-Secondary Research - Day 2 

SWBAT research safety, target, and reach colleges alongside pro-pathways based on their fit factors.



Pair Event:
Campus Scavenger Hunt/Relationship Check In

Pairs will connect at this event to explore college campuses. Students may be physically limited in visiting college campuses but, thanks to the current technology available, can visit virtually through the Youvisit website. Pairs will also have the opportunity to examine the state of their relationship and reestablish relationship norms.

Pair Event:
Reviewing Fit Factors
Pairs will explore the 6 fit factors (size, location, diversity, academic match, student supports, financial fit) they will need to keep in mind as they explore post-secondary options.
Pair Event:
Post-Secondary Research

Pairs will connect at this event to research post-secondary options. At this point, both mentees and mentors should understand how to engage in the research and be able to identify the different pathways available. This event will allow them to continue their exploration of these options.