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11A Phase 2

Career Exploration

This phase will last from late October to the end of November.  Students will carry out a set of self-reflection activities, with their mentor's support, to better understand their interests, skills and the links between their passions and career pathways. 



Pair ChecklistThis checklist, that lives on the Platform, will provide pairs with key objectives to hit before the end of the phase.



2.1 My Life in 10 Years SWBAT envision their desired lifestyle 10 years into the future.

2.2 Financing Adulthood 

SWBAT understand the cost of living as an adult.

2.3  My Top Careers SWBAT identify their interests and make connections between the top career clusters that align with their interests.

2.4 Mapping My Career Options 

SWBAT connect their career interests with post-secondary pathways.

2.5 High School to Career Connection

SWBAT  connect their career aspirations to opportunities, experiences and skills they should be developing in high school.



Pair Event:
Career Exploration

This event is focused on exposing students to different careers and paths. The event  also allows time to reflect on their ability to discuss their own desired career trajectory.