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Transition Resources

Program Manager Resources

12th Grade Spring Calendar 

Calendar of tasks that students need to complete for transition/matriculation, information on how iMentor can support, and what data points you should capture in Enroll.

12th Grade Spring Advising Script

To use in the spring to support students with post-secondary transition.

12th Grade Mentor Spring Coaching Scripts

An easy to follow script mentors can use to support their mentees with spring post-secondary tasks.

Pair Health and Immediate Enrollment Rubric 

To use as a part of the HS to PSP Transition note. An assessment of pair relationships and intended pathway enrollment risk.

School Partnership Collaboration Spreadsheet

Lists roles that PMs, mentors, and school partners can take in order to support students with key transition tasks.

Mentor Huddles and Trainings

Understanding Financial Aid Awards 

Information for mentors about comparing financial aid awards and talking to their mentees about college affordability.