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Testing the Lesson Management and Canvas Redesign

We've been hard at work improving Lesson Management on Canvas and are excited to show you the changes!

To log in and test it out, follow these steps:

Log in as an Admin

Log in using the site-specific username and password we sent you at https://platformtraining.imentor.org. The email should look something like "[email protected]." If you didn't receive an email with instructions, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll help get you set up.

You won't be able to navigate to the new lesson management from the menu, so instead copy and paste the following URL into the search bar after logging in:


This will bring you to the new lesson management page:

On the new Lesson Management page, select your partner site. For example, BBBS Lone Star should only select the "BBBS Lone Star" class.

From here, you'll be able to schedule new lessons and edit existing ones. Not all lessons will be available, as they will continue to be uploaded until July 1st. Feel free to play around with lessons and schedule/edit as many as you'd like!

Log in as a Mentor/Mentee

To log in as a mentor or mentee, go to the same https://platformtraining.imentor.org site. This time, use the login credentials we sent for the fake mentor/mentee profiles. They should look something like "[email protected]."

Once logged in, you'll see the site from the mentor/mentee's perspective. The first page will be the current lesson, but like before, copy and paste the following link into your search bar to see the new design of the mentor/mentee's homepage:


Please note that the "Current Curriculum" and "Curriculum History" sections will remain blank until a lesson is assigned. 

Once on this page, you can complete current lessons, open up conversations, and have fun!

Have Feedback?

We'd love to hear from you! If you think you caught a bug, or you have any other feedback, please email [email protected] and we'll respond ASAP.

Local Curriculum Management

Interested in getting hands-on with the "Local Curriculum Management" tool that lets you create a version of the National lesson for your program? 

Please email Kait Sweetman ([email protected]) and she'll set up a 1:1 session with you.