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College Application Working Session (Flexible Unit)

What is a flexible unit?

In most units, all lessons within that unit should be scheduled in order to achieve the unit objectives and create the desired pair experience. In a flexible unit, the unit is designed to complete a specific project, so you can schedule as many or as few lessons as needed to complete the project without compromising the pair experience. 

How do I schedule lessons in a flexible unit?

The College Application Working Session is a unit comprised of eight identical lessons. The lessons are called College Application Work Day 1, 2, 3, etc. Start with the first lesson in the unit and schedule as many as you need.

Why should I schedule a new lesson each week if they are identical?

Even though the lessons are identical, scheduling a new lesson each week allows you to monitor and track program engagement as normal. 

How can I use the College Application Working Session unit?

Because completing college applications is a high-stakes project, we designed a flexible unit so programs can consider their students needs and school context when deciding how many lessons to schedule. In each lesson, students are encouraged to do three things:

  1. Spend time completing college applications
  2. Update their College Checklist Tool 
  3. Send their mentor a message in Conversations
Note: See a preview of the lessons at the bottom of this article.

What should I consider when planning this unit?

  1. How can you prepare students ahead of time to make sure they are ready to start working on their applications?
  2. How will you message mentors to set their expectations? This should include details about what they will be doing in the unit as well as information as to why this work time is so critical for students.
  3. What is the best way to structure the class time and motivate your students to complete their applications?
  4. Do you need to provide suggestions/prompts of what students can write their mentors in Conversations?
  5. How many lessons do you need to schedule to give students the time they need to complete their applications?


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