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Strategies for Increasing Mentor Online Engagement

* This page includes links to relevant mentor support best-practices as well as specific actions PMs can take to encourage mentors' consistent online engagement and is categorized as such.

Relevant Mentor Support Best-Practices

Setting Expectations and Holding Mentors Accountable

This resource is from iMentor's best-practice series for supporting mentors which covers strategies PMs can use to effectively establish programmatic expectations and hold mentors accountable throughout the academic year. 

Developing a Mentor Communication Plan

This resource is from iMentor's best-practice series for supporting mentors which introduces the standard types of messaging PMs leverage, including automated messaging generated by the iMentor Platform.  PMs should establish a mentor communication plan at the beginning of each academic year and iterate on the plan to increase its effectiveness over time. 

Mentor Email Communication Best Practices

This resource is from iMentor's best-practice series for supporting mentors and it outlines evidence-based practices for crafting high-quality email communication.  It can be leveraged to strategically approach email communication as a vehicle to increase the frequency/consistency of mentor online engagement. 

Specific Actions for Encouragning Mentors' Consistent Online Engagement 

Sending Regularly Scheduled Reminders

PMs' mentor communication plan should include nudges to remind mentors that haven't sent a message to their mentee on the iMentor Platform to do so.  This resource includes specific strategies and language PMs can use to increase mentors' online engagement frequency/consistency.

Managing Mentor Consistency When Mentees Don't Write

In order to demonstrate their investment and model consistency to their mentee, it is important that mentors send a message on the iMentor Platform even when their mentee doesn't write.  This resource includes specific strategies and language PMs can use to encourage mentors to send their mentee a message despite not receiving one. 

Customizing Weekly Mentor Emails

The cornerstone of PMs' mentor communication plan is the weekly class email.  This template has embedded resources to support PMs in customizing their weeky class email to mentors that can help increase its effectiveness in fostering consistent online engagement. 

Leveraging Mentor Huddles to Increase Mentor Online Engagement

Mentor Huddles provide a great opportunity for PMs to encourage mentors to consistently seend weekly messages to their mentee on the iMentor Platform.  This resource outlines how PMs can use data and make space for conversation among mentors that can result in increased online writing frequency.  

Working With Supervisors to Deploy the Match Intervention Protocol

This resource provides PMs and managers with specific steps to take in accordance with iMentor's match intervention protocol for mentors with poor online engagement frequency.