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Commonly asked questions about references

Below are commonly asked questions about mentor applicant references:

Why are you asking for references?

In short, to find great mentors for our students. We find it important to learn about our applicants from the people who know them best.

Who should I use as a reference?

You can choose from a variety of people, including friends, family members, colleagues, employers, professors, etc. We ask that only one reference be a family member (and significant others are considered family). Your references should have known you for at least six months.

What if I don't know who I want to use as a reference?

You can return to this application to finish this section. We will need your references before we can approve you as a mentor.

When will you contact my references?

We do not contact your references until after you have attended Mentor Orientation.

How will you contact my references?

Your references will receive an email from iMentor including a link to an online questionnaire. We will only call your references if we cannot reach them by email.

How many references do you need?

We ask for 3 references and must accept a minimum of two responses.

Can you send me the link to send to my references?

For security purposes, it is best that we contact your reference directly.

Who will reach out to my references?

Your screener will reach out to your references.

Will my references be kept on file?

Yes, your references will be logged in your application and saved.

Do you need my references' professional emails or personal emails?

We would prefer the email that they are most likely to check EXCEPT in cases where work email addresses may have strict firewalls. 

How long does my reference have to respond to you?

We ask that your reference respond to us within 48 hours of receiving the reference email to support the flow of your screening process. But technically there is no set timeline. 

What if I decide to change my references? Can I add new references?

Yes, you can always reach out to your screener and they will be able to add or replace any of your references.