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Qualities of Positive Classroom Culture

We want iMentor class to be fun and engaging for all students. Below are some of the qualities that we think create a positive classroom culture. Download this document for a full list

  • PM is excited and engaged with the content 
  • PM shares their own stories and background/makes connection with the content 
  • Visual representation of iMentor 
    • Pair highlights: pictures or quotes from pair
    • iMentor event schedule
    • iMentor logo/iMentor URL
    • Testimonials from PSP pairs
    • Pair/student of the month
    • Pictures from pair expeditions. 
    • College application timeline 
    • iMentor grading policies posted

And some of what makes a successful iMentor classroom goes beyond the class walls.

  • PMs are known in the school, sit with students at lunch and are visible in the school
  • PMs hold office hours that students all know about so students can find you/mentors can find you
  • Meet with your co-teacher before school begins/have co-teacher orientations
  • Get involved in other aspects of the school (I.e. talent show judge; chaperone)
  • Follow through with your students. If you make a date or a commitment, follow through with it.