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Program Expansion Readiness Reflection

Use this document as a reflective tool to recognize the three pathways for program expansion. For each expansion pathway (cohort expansion, new school partnership, and PSP4P), take notes under each consideration. After reflecting on each, rate the pathway by color: green (realistic), yellow (possible), or red (aspirational). Use this as an anchor for conversations as a team and with your Partnership Manager.  


Cohort Expansion  

New School Partnership  


Mission Alignment: Does this expansion align with your long-term goals?  




Current Program Quality: How is your current school partnership? Is your programming running effectively enough to turn your attention to a new cohort/program/school? 




Stakeholder Commitment: Are all stakeholders (Board, funders, program leaders, program team) invested in the idea of program expansion?  




Staffing Capacity: Do you have staff capacity to manage expansion?  




Funding: What are the financial implications of this expansion?  How can you secure funding for this expansion? How can this allow for additional fundraising/fee for service/grant opportunities?  




Additional Information / Next Steps   

Maintaining Relationships with Schools  

Recruiting Partner Schools  

Is PSP4P Right for You? 

 For a completed example, check out this link