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Curriculum History in the Classroom

Curriculum History gives pairs a sense of where they are in the curriculum, and opens up opportunities to both revisit content and complete missed lessons retroactively. This article outlines how to maximize the Portfolio function of the platform in the classroom.

PMs using Curriculum History in the classroom:

  • Create an incentive structure for having the most completed units on Curriculum History to encourage students to finish lessons but also complete missed lessons.
  • Direct mentees to Curriculum History view when introducing a unit to provide the full context of that unit, including how it builds from the last one.
  • If students finish the current lesson early, direct them to Curriculum History to open up and work on any of the previous lessons they may have missed or left incomplete.

Utilizing Curriculum History with your cooperating teacher:

  • Check with your teacher to see if there are any ways to track student progress that they are already using. Incorporate the use of Curriculum History in a similar way if possible, so as to mirror the way students may already be tracking their progress.
  • After each session, send your teacher a list of students who were not able to complete their Canvas for the week. Teachers can then use Curriculum History to follow up with individual students about the specific lessons they still need to complete.