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Nonprofit and Community Organizations: Application Instructions

iMentor welcomes organizations interested in adopting the iMentor model to engage in our 3-phase application process to explore a partnership with iMentor. 

If you are Big Brothers Big Sisters agency, please click here for Application Instructions.

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Application Process

  1. Introductions: Learn about the iMentor model and how we support partners, and tell us about your organization’s interest and goals for a partnership.

    • Watch this 10-minute iMentor Partner Programs informational webinar here.

    • Schedule an initial call with iMentor to explore the potential of a partnership with additional follow-up conversations as needed: email [email protected] or [email protected].

  2. Joint assessment and Program Development: Identify areas of alignment as well as potential challenges based on conversations with the iMentor team.

    • Schedule a call with iMentor to further discuss suitability of a partnership with a focus on areas jointly identified for further discussion, including coaching prior to completing the application. Some examples of focus areas may include school partnership selection or affiliate selection for national organizations. Subsequent conversations may be scheduled as needed.

    • Prospective partners with a strong fit will be invited to complete an application. 

  3. Application and Selection: The application serves as an in-depth overview of the partnership potential with iMentor, including alignment with criteria, identification of opportunities and challenges and demonstration of planning for a successful program launch. We will provide feedback and coaching to each organization to support the successful completion of the application. Make sure to review the Application Instructions and Tips below before beginning an application.

Who should apply?

iMentor expects to receive applications from a variety of organizations interested in building or strengthening their college success results. Prospective applicants include school districts, charter school networks, youth-serving non-profits, mentoring organizations and city-based college access collaboratives. Because of the potential for expansion and scaling, we are particularly interested in partnerships with national and city-wide groups. 

  • If applying as part of a city-based collaborative, the “backbone” or lead organization should submit the Preliminary Questionnaire on its behalf. If both iMentor and the collective decide to move forward, the organization that will actually implement the program will subsequently need to submit an application.

  • If applying as a national or umbrella organization, the Preliminary Questionnaire may be submitted on behalf of local affiliates. If both iMentor and the umbrella organization decide to move forward, local affiliates will subsequently need to submit individual applications and provide additional local information, depending on the organizational structure and relationship between the national and local branches.

Application Instructions and Tips

iMentor Partner Programs: Partnership Application 2020

  • Interested partners should download, fill out, and save this Word Document application. Completed applications and supporting documentation should be emailed to [email protected]  with the subject line "Completed Partnership Application 2020" no later than 11:59pm EST on January 15, 2021. 

  • As part of the application, you will be asked to submit additional documentation, as described in Part 3 of the application. Documents include: 

    • [Required] Sample Budget Worksheet (also linked within the application)

    • [Optional] School Metrics Grid Worksheet to capture publicly available data for potential school partners (also linked within the application)

    • [Optional] Letters of Support from various stakeholders, such as funders, corporate partners and school or community leaders

  • While the application itself may take a minimum of 20-25 hours to complete, you’ll need preparation time to synthesize the required information and to develop plans for this partnership. This will likely include both internal planning and research, as well as preliminary outreach and conversations with various external stakeholders, including school leaders, potential funders, and potential leads for mentor pipelines to gauge interest and explore the possibilities of launching the iMentor program model.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].