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Making the most of parent teacher conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences serve as a great opportunity for program staff to have a visible presence in our partner school communities. This programmatic integration:

  1. Builds good will with school partners.
  2. Allows us to provide information about iMentor and to answer questions that parents may have about the program.
  3. Fall conferences also serve as a timely chance to collect outstanding parental consent forms. 

Below are some suggestions for making the most of parent teacher conferences. Feel free to reach out your Partnership Manager with any questions and/or for additional support.

Suggestions for making the most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Make sure to confirm the days/times of parent-teacher conferences at your school, as these often vary by school site (note, some partner schools follow a different annual PTC schedule than the District one).
  • Communicate your intention to attend the conferences to your school-leader and school-based point person. Many schools encourage us to staff an iMentor table where parents can come to get resources, sign consents and have their questions answered. Collaborate with other PCs at your school to ensure an iMentor table is staffed throughout conferences.
  • Create an iMentor bulletin board/display photos from iMentor events (see below example).
  • Make sure to bring your business cards, if you have them!
  • Click here (#lyncneeded) for a handout that can be used as a reminder about the program for parents.
  • Provide a list of scheduled event dates for your cohort to parents.
  • Share positive anecdotes with participating parents about their child’s relationship with their mentor and their participation in the program.