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Career Exploration

Career OneStop allows students to search for careers based on projected outlook and growth. 

College Board Road Map to Career allows students to discover majors and careers based on current interests and favorite high school classes. 

LinkedIn Profile for High School students is an easy to follow handout that pairs can use to create a profile on the professional social media site. 

Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment is a free short questionnaire that shows how your personality can influence your everyday habits, dreams, and challenges.

Naviance Career Cluster Finder  (requires school subscription) is simple assessment that helps a student discover which career clusters may be a good match based on activities that interest him or her, personal qualities the student has and subjects the student enjoys in school. The results of the assessment include the top three clusters the student is matched with and a ranking of all clusters with a percentage match for the student.

ONet: My Next Move allows students to search and learn about different careers and the requirements necessary for them. 

 What Can I Do With This Major? Use this website with your mentees to help them learn about different majors.