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Applying to Summer Activities

Applying for programs, internships and jobs familiarizes mentees with application processes, provides good motivation for pairs to develop resumes for mentees, and is a good goal for pairs to work toward together. If possible, PMs can devote entire events in early spring months to allow pairs to work on summer activity applications, and provide class time for mentees to follow-up on applications and find more opportunities to apply for. This article gives PMs helpful starting points to pass along to pairs.

Summer enrichment programs

Summer enrichment programs are a great option for mentees. Most large cities and local community centers have extensive free and low-cost programs covering broad ranges of interests, and there are many costly programs that offer scholarships or income-based sliding scale tuition.


It can be difficult for teenagers to find paid formal employment, as only select companies hire youth. PMs should be prepared to instruct mentees and mentors on how mentees under 18 years of age can attain their working papers from their school in order to be eligible to work.

Community Service

Volunteer experience is great for mentees personally, helpful to their communities, and a good opportunity to learn new professional skills; as an added bonus, it's also a something great for mentees to add to their resumes.