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Texting Resources

Text messaging is the primary form of communication with iMentor and PSP pairs. We use the Platform to send curricular texts as well as reminders throughout the year.

Benefits of texting

  • Delivers relevant, targeted resources, and advising
  • Offers inspiration to boost self-advocacy
  • Encourages communication with and the utilization of mentors 
  • Identifies critical levers of postsecondary support that mentees will need
  • Gathers data on pair experiences for quick, short-term intervention and slow, long-term backwards mapping 

Text Messaging Curriculum 

Text Training Videos

Additional Resources

The Texting Process Overview

This resources discusses how program staff should integrate texting into their workflow. 

The Cycle of Communication

This resource discuss best practices in setting up a texting calendar for program communication. 

Language Tips for Texting

Tips on how to write and respond to text messages.