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Social, Emotional, and Cultural Resources

Resources to support the socio-emotional health of students


Celebrating Successes
Punishing ourselves for bad behavior usually comes very naturally to us. It doesn’t matter how small the screw-up was, it's easy to feel guilty or stupid or ashamed. For some reason, we’re not as fast to celebrate ourselves. Put it a...
Culture Shock: Finding Sources of Strength
Adjusting to a new culture can be draining and isolating, and that is especially true if you are adjusting to a campus where you are in the minority.  Finding friends, allies, and groups who share aspects of your home culture can allow you ...
Am I supposed to be here? When you feel like an impostor on campus
Everyone here seems smarter than me, and they’re so confident. Did my university make a mistake? Maybe they meant to send my acceptance letter to another person with the same name. Did I just get lucky?  As a college student, th...