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PM Weekly Check-In Template Add-On – Senior PM

Weekly check-ins between Senior Program Managers (SrPMs) that are managing special projects and their managers must include a focus on the project work they are responsible for.  The Senior PM Add-On is designed to ensure time and space is dedicated to this discussion.  It is recommended that the content of this add-on be copied and pasted above the baseline check-in document.  Additionally, the amount or specificity of information managers require SrPMs to report each week (for their own pairs) may also need to changed to accommodate a people management discussion. 

In the rush of program delivery, it can be easy to talk about pair engagement and support statistics and forget to take time to step back to use the weekly check-in space as a professional development opportunity.  This add-on is meant to be placed into the weekly check-in document in a effort to make sure SrPMs and their managers do so.

Sections of the Add-On

The Senior PM Add-On is split into sections that SrPMs fill out prior to submitting it to their manager as the agenda for the meeting .  Each section is outlined below, including tips for SrPMs to complete the document (use the links to skip through the sections).

Week in Review

Follow-Up From Last Check-In

General Project(s) Update

Project Milestone Overview

Week in Review

This section is meant to replace the Week in review section from the baseline check-in template.  SrPMs should use this space to reflect on the highlights, key accomplishments and challenges related to their pairs as well as  for the project work they are engaging with.   SrPMs should come to the check-in prepared to add any additional context and troubleshoot solutions for any challenges with their manager.

Follow-Up from Last Check-In

An inevitable result of the weekly check-in will be follow-up items, either for the SrPM or manager.  Use this space to list the topics that were identified for follow-up, including a broad update if appropriate.   (Note: No need to duplicate this section from the baseline check-in template.)

General Project(s) Update

This section is meant to reserve space to discuss the SrPM's work on special projects.  The add-on includes some general sample questions, but because all projects will be different,  SrPMs and managers will need to work together to identify other questions/prompts in this section to suit their needs. 

Project Milestone Overview

An important part of project management is identifying and working toward milestones that lead to success.  This section is meant to trigger a conversation around milestones during the weekly check-in.  SrPMs and managers should use this space to celebrate wins, troubleshoot challenges and identify next steps.