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Monthly newsletter update to mentors

In the iMentor NYC program, our program coordinators create monthly newsletter updates for each cohort of mentors. These newsletters provide reminders about important upcoming events, provide a space for cohort-applicable announcements and school events, and also provide links to college resources and information about how mentors can deepen their involvement with the program.

Email template for sending monthly newsletter

Below is a template iMentor NYC uses to send an email to mentors with the monthly newsletter update attached:

Subject - mentor2.0: November Mentor Newsletter Available Now!

Dear Mentor,

The Mentor Newsletter for November is now available! In it you will find helpful information for the upcoming month including important dates, things happening at the school and resources to support you and your mentee.

Please contact [PM] with questions!

Thank you,

[PC signature]

Note: Newsletters can be sent through email as mass messages, or you can create a mail merge that will make the messages more personalized for mentors. Let your Partnership Manager know if you have any questions about how to create or send monthly mentor updates of your own.