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College Persistence and Academic Success

Resources for academic support in college


Making the Grades: Campus Resources to Help You Win at College
With just a few hours of class a week, college may seem easier than high school, but professors have a completely different set of expectations about the kind of work you do, and they will expect you to do most of it outside of class, without t...
Office Hours: Why You Should Go and What to Talk About
You know it's important to go to office hours, but what do you say when you get there?  If you're not sure, check out these conversation tips from UC Berkeley on how to get started with office hours.   ...
Academic Probation and What Students and Mentors Can Do
No student enters college with a goal receiving academic warnings or being placed on academic probation. However, the reality is that many students will struggle academically and may find themselves at risk of being on academic probation and losing ...