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11B Lessons and Events

In the 11th Grade, new pairs will build a strong and trusting relationship through self-exploration and honest sharing of values, interests and cultural backgrounds. Pairs will explore potential careers of interest. They will understand the "fit factors" each mentee is looking for in a college or post-secondary program. Pairs will collaborate on a post-secondary list that helps each student build a vision of their future lives by comparing and contrasting a range of programs and institutions.

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Phase 0: Mentee Orientation (September to mid-October)
This is a pre-match phase which introduces students to the iMentor program, the role of the mentor-mentee, and the way the curriculum and classes support them in this work. This phase prepares students to complete their new mentee application for matching. At the end of the phase, students will be prepared to fully participate in the program and will understand the reasoning/benefits of the program.

Phase 1: Relationship Development (late October to end of November)
Pairs will launch their relationships and begin getting to know one another. Pairs will explore similarities and differences, make connections, and share experiences that will deepen their relationship. Pairs will reach a basic understanding of each other's interests, backgrounds, motivation, and lives.  

Phase 2: Career Exploration (December to end of February)
Students will carry out a set of self-reflection activities, with their mentor's support, to better understand their interests, skills and the links between their passions and career pathways. Pairs will work on a resume that the mentee can use to apply to summer opportunities of interest.

Phase 3: Post-Secondary Research (March to end of April)
Pairs will identify the key components of match and fit so that they can research and select post-secondary pathways that are strong options for the mentee. An emphasis will be placed on academic match to ensure that students are not under-matching and on diversity as a fit factor. Pairs will work together to create a list of 5-10 post-secondary options.

Phase 4: Preparing for Summer and the 12th Grade (May to June)
This phase acts as a jump start for students on the post-secondary application process. Pairs will (1) finalize their preliminary post-secondary list (2) learn the importance and steps to acquire letters of recommendation and (3) learn the importance and basics of applying for financial aid. They will plan summer tasks to complete in order to stay on track with the post-secondary application process and draft a pair summer communication plan