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S.T.E.V.E. Dashboard - Focus Finder

The Focus Finder S.T.E.V.E. dashboard displays pair-level data regarding program engagement and mentee/mentor touch points, primarily used by managers and PMs.  The list of pairs displayed is automatically limited by the filters built into the interface and by using one or more filters, a sizable caseload can be reduced to a manageable list of pairs to focus upcoming support efforts on in the short term.  Each section of the element is described in detail below.

1 - Matched Pairs/Filters

This section displays the number of matched pairs based on the selection made using the filters it contains.  By selecting their name from the drop-down list, PMs are provided with the number of pairs currently matched on their caseload.  Using the additional filters available, the PM instantly limits the pairs presented to those that fit the criteria of their selection.  A full list of Focus Finder filters and their functionality can be found HERE

2 - Pair Level Data 

This section presents information on the pair-level that is critical to consider in ensuring high levels of engagement and thorough provision of support.  This list can be used to inform use of the Pair Search Tool element of S.T.E.V.E. or can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel for additional manipulation by the PM (see below).  Additionally, by clicking on the icon that appears when hovering the mouse over a column heading, data will be organized from least to greatest (or greatest to least by clicking on it again).  A full list of each column and the data that it contains can be found HERE.

In order to export the Focus Finder data into excel, click on any piece of data in the table of mentees and mentors.  Then, locate and click on the "Download" option on the lower right-hand side of the interface.  In the resulting menu, select "Crosstab."  A Microsoft Excel version of the list as it appears in your browser will automatically download.


Still have questions or need assistance with the Focus Finder element of S.T.E.V.E.?  Click HERE to contact a member of the National team for help!