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S.T.E.V.E. Dashboard - Engagement by Mentee and Mentor

The Engagement by Program Manager and Cohort S.T.E.V.E. dashboard visualizes aggregates online engagement trends across any grouping of pairs, separated by mentee and mentors.  This element is used to gain an understanding of how mentee and mentor trends impact overall progress toward the pair lesson benchmark.  Determining whether mentees are outperforming mentors or vice versa can support the creation strategies to increase engagement targeted at either party.

1 - Matched Pairs/Filters/Legend 

This section displays the number of matched pairs based on the selection made using the Program Manager filter.  By selecting their name from the drop-down list, the PM is provided with the number of pairs currently matched on their caseload.  It is worth noting that only pairs that have completed at least one lesson on the iMentor platform are represented here.  The PM is also afforded the ability to further limit the number of matched pairs for whom data is displayed using the "School Name" and "Graduation Year" filters.  Managers can filter for their entire portfolio to review trends across the PMs they manage.

2 - Lesson Completion Percentage for Mentees and Mentors

This graph shows the percentage of matched mentees and mentors, respectively, meeting the online communication benchmark of 65% each week throughout the program year.  Using this graph, the PM can consider overall trends in engagement levels and determine whether or not to deploy a new approach to fostering engagement.  Additionally, the PM can explore dips and spikes to understand the impact of strategies currently employed or to understand the effect of environmental circumstances.


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