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Screening mentors on the platform

Screening Tracker is the main page for managing the screening and recruitment process on the iMentor platform. Staff who are involved with volunteer recruitment, training, and screening often spend a majority of their platform time managing mentors through this page.

Using Screening Tracker

Screening tracker is a great place to get a snapshot of mentors who are currently in the screening process. There are a number of important functions you can perform on screening tracker. You can add mentor interview notes as well as reference interview notes for each mentor. You can mark whether or not mentors have attended a training session. You can also mark whether their background check has been approved. Once all the necessary steps have been completed you can also move users from Screening Incomplete to Active status on Screening Tracker.

Staff who are responsible for recruitment will also use this page to email mentors individually to follow up on specific items, check over the list of individuals to catch mentors who might have accidentally signed up twice, as well as withdraw mentors who decide not to follow through with the sign-up process. Screening Tracker is also a good place to perform bulk changes on users as well as quickly access a mentor's application to make edits as necessary.

To get to Screening Tracker, go to the Reporting -> Screening Tracker from the menu. When you arrive at the page you should see a pre-filtered list of all the mentors on your platform that currently have a User Status of Screening Incomplete or SI.

Filtering your data

At the top left side of the page of Screening Tracker are a set of filters that can help you look at mentors who are in specific stages of the screening process. This information can help you determine which part of the screening process needs the most support or additional focus. These are called "Summary Filters"

The next set of filters will help you narrow down your data to see groups of users that you may want to focus on. There are a number of filter defaults on Screening Tracker that you should keep in mind when using the page:

  • User Type: automatically set to Mentor as Screening Tracker is primarily used for mentors.
  • User Status: automatically set to Screening Incomplete. This means you will only be looking at mentors with complete applications. If you also want to look for mentors with incomplete applications, then you would want to expand the filters to include user with an Application Incomplete status.
  • Gender: automatically set to All, although you might want to narrow down the selection to only look at Male or Female depending on your recruitment strategies and needs.
  • Employer: automatically set to All. This can be a common filter to change when doing employer-specific recruitment.
  • Training: automatically set to All, however this can be a useful filter if you only want to find the people who have not yet attended a training by selecting the No option.

Finally, at the bottom of the Filters there is a spot for Saved Searches. If you find that you have a certain set of filters that you keep coming back to - perhaps male mentors from CitiBank - you can save those filters as a Saved Search by giving it a name in the Create A Custom Search box and clicking Save. When you load screening tracker in the future, you can select that saved search instead of constantly selecting those filters when you come to screening tracker. Please note that saved searches are only linked to the Admin who created the saved search. Each Admin will need to create their own saved searches. Example:

How Screening Tracker data is organized

Once you have filtered for the data you want to review on screening tracker, it will be organized into the following columns, which are all click-to-sort via the small blue arrow:

  • Preferred First/ Preferred Last Name - By clicking on this column you will be taken directly to the Reference Page of the Mentor Application. On other parts of the platform, when you click on a mentor's name it will take you to their profile page. On screening tracker, this link takes you directly to the Reference page of the application, to streamline your workflow during the screening process.
  • Legal First Name/ Legal Last Name - This is an additional field in case your mentors have a different legal name than the name they prefer to be called. Having a place to store legal names can expedite background check processes which rely on exact-name matches.
  • Mentor Interview - by clicking No you can update that information to Yes if the interview is complete. By clicking Add you can add the notes from the mentor interview directly from this page.
  • Employment Check - If your organization does checks for employment you can update that information by clicking on No.
  • Ref #1, 2, 3, 4 - by clicking on No you can update that information to Yes. You can also click Add to record the reference interview for that person. Information at the top of the note will remind you who you are supposed to contact for that reference.
  • Training - this will automatically update when the mentor has RSVPed for, or attended, a "Mentor Training" event type on the event calendar.
  • Background Check - gives you the following options: Submitted, Approved, Denied, Further Investigation, 2nd Vendor Approved or Error. 
  • User Status - once a mentor has completed all of the appropriate screening procedures, you can easily change the mentor's user status from Screening Incomplete to Active. This will make the mentor Ready to be Matched!
  • Email Address - you can click this email address to open up your email client on your computer. This can be a handy way to check in with individual mentors about hold-ups in their screening process.

Bulk changes

Screening Tracker is the one place on the platform that you can make bulk changes. You can select the checkbox next to the user's first name, and then select a Bulk Change. You can update User Status, Attended Training, or Background Check statuses all at once.

Last Updated Date

The Screening Tracker does not offer a feature to see the last time a user's profile was updated. If you would like to see this information, please use the Intake Application Tracker by navigating to Reporting -> Intake Application Tracker. The filters on the Intake Application Tracker function the same as on the Screening Tracker page with a focus on applicants who have no completed their application.