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Resources for Facilitating Events

Monthly iMentor events are an important part of our program model.  We want events to be fun and engaging and for pairs to use their time time together to connect on a personal level while also working together to build the skills and knowledge that will help mentees navigate the post-secondary process. 
PMs play the role of facilitator at events, and also use the opportunity to provide in-person pair support. The following resources are intended to help PMs develop their approach to planning and facilitating high-quality pair events.

Event Preparation Checklist

This checklist captures everything you need to do to plan and hold a successful iMentor event. 

Event Best Practices

Read about what you can do before, during and after your event to make it run as smoothly as possible. These ideas were presented in the Creating Awesome Events webinar, Fall 2019.

Event Icebreakers

Explore a collection of icebreakers to use during events and mentor huddles.

Conversation Starters

Staff should ensure that conversation starters are accessible, i.e. card decks on tables. When pairs are at their tables, they draw cards and discuss the content on the cards. The cards are intended to be used if pairs do not already have a conversation to engage in.

Event Observation Rubric

When your manager comes to observe your event, they will use this rubric to give you feedback on all elements of the evening. 

Keeping Students at School the Night of an Event

Across our programs, we have found that we get higher student attendance at events when students remain at school for the event rather than go home and return later that evening. Therefore, having a strategy to keep students engaged at school during the interim period can increase attendance and our outcomes.