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By the end of this session, Program Managers will: 

  1. Understand the motivations behind pursuing non-college options, including when that motivation needs to be explored.
  2. Understand which pathways iMentor is supporting and the general steps pairs need to take if they are interested.
  3. Identify tools to explore and evaluate options to make sure non-college options are being critically evaluated.

Learning Activities

1. Watch this video.

2. Complete this activity. 

a. Read through the Postsecondary Scenarios.

b. Complete Research Postsecondary Options.

Imagine the mentors of these students have reached out to you to learn more about post-secondary options they can recommend for their mentee. Using iMentor's Post-secondary Directories and your local landscape, research 2 different postsecondary opportunities you would recommend for each pair. 

3. Discuss the following on #Slack

Why is it important to talk about professional pathways with pairs? How would you support a mentor who is resistant to their mentee pursuing a non-college pathway? 

4. Go Deeper (Optional)

Create a tracker on Enroll, "HS Post-secondary Aspiration". Which of your students are interested in gap year programs? Certification/Vocational training? Military? Employment? How can you work with their mentors to make sure they are positioned to support their mentees?