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Evaluating and Advising on College Lists

Case Study - Supporting a Pair on the College Process

The case study asks you - as the PM - to consider how you would advise a pair in the college process, including  evaluating their current college list  and coaching the mentor with supporting their application process. 

 As the purpose of this assignment is to help you approach a case generally, please feel free to be creative in how you imagine these students and make your own assumptions when details are not clearly stated.

Part 1: Evaluating a College List

  1. Download your regional specific case studies.
  2. For each pair, evaluate their current college list and research and suggest 3 additional schools you believe they should consider. You can use your region's college selectivity list as a jumping off point. 

New York Selectivity Lists        Baltimore Selectivity Lists        Chicago Selectivity Lists      Bay Area Selectivity Lists

3. Complete the College Scorecard for each pair. 

Javier's College Scorecard | Alex's College Scorecard | Krystal's College Scorecard

4. Email your 3 completed College Scorecards to your regional advising folder. 

Bay Advising Folder - [email protected]

Baltimore Advising Folder - [email protected]

Chicago Advising Folder - [email protected]

New York Advising Folder - [email protected]

Part 2: Virtual Advising Roleplay

  1. Schedule time with your PM partner to complete the roleplays. You and your partner should pick two different scenarios to role play (i.e. if you are the PM for Javier, you should play the mentor for Alex or Krystal).
  2. Review Counseling Skills and Motivational Interviewing Techniques.
  3. Lead the mentor through a 5-6 minute advising check-in. Imagine that you are coaching the mentor with how you would like them to support their mentee with the college process. In your conversation, please include your thoughts on the mentee's current college list, your rationale for the additional schools you are recommending, an overview of the college process timeline and areas of importance and the role you believe the mentor can play. Refer to the Advising Session Feedback Rubric.
  4. Record the session to Zoom Cloud and post the link to this Box note next to your name.

Total Estimated Time to Complete:  2  hours