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NYC Orientations: Support Staff + Screening Responsibilities

Orientations are one of three types of events hosted by iMentor NYC.  Below you will find a step-by-step guide to staffing iMentor NYC orientations. 

BEFORE Orientation:

  • The Orientation Captain will check-in with support staff on any changes prior to orientation. 
  • Mentor Engagement will ensure that the orientation deck is ready to go.
  • Mentor Engagement will check that the Zoom link is good to go [.i.e. settings are as needed]
  • Support staff [likely a mentor engagement staff member] will export attendance from Salesforce campaign into a Box Excel Doc. 
  • Screeners will update their interview availability on a region designated Box document. Orientation Captains will enter those times into the online scheduling tool [Calendly].
  • The Orientation Captain will do a quick sweep of scheduled attendees and look for any applications they find and link them to the orientation campaign. 

DURING Orientation:

  • Support staff signs in applicants using Sign-In sheet. Support staff will either update each attendee as they log into Zoom [if name is present] or ask directly for their name using Zoom chat. 
  • Support staff will get photos from attendees via email
  • On Salesforce: Campaigns Tab  → NYC Orientations and GoPass - Upcoming→ That day’s Mentor Orientation → Campaign Members → Support staff changes applicant’s training status from “scheduled” to “attended/Did not Attend - Needs to Reschedule”
  • Support staff tracks and monitors applicants using "view night of orientation sign in- NYC" drop down menu from Mentor Application tab
  • Support staff makes sure all applications are shown under “view night of orientation sign in- NYC”
  • If applicant isn’t appearing in the list view, support staff will make a note in the Box attendance sheet.
  • Support staff distributes interview scheduling link via Zoom chat and encourages mentor applicants to sign up for a 30-minute phone interview via the scheduling tool Calendly. 
  • Support staff will upload pictures on admin tab of the mentor application in the platform. They will also upload pictures to the Box folder entitled “Orientation Photos”, in a sub- folder with the date and location (e.g. 8.23.16 Orientation). Each photo should be renamed with the mentor's name exactly as it is written in the sign-n sheet/mentor application.
  • Support staff will ensure that all applicants have made the effort to sign up for a 30-minute phone interview before logging off.

AFTER Orientation (same night):

  • Support staff will make all necessary notes, including information about missing contacts in Salesforce, applicants who left orientation early, applicants who exhibited odd behavior, applicants who didn't submit their forms, etc for screeners on Box Note attendance sheet. Detailed notes may also be sent to the Orientation Captain via email. 

Day After Orientation:

  • Support Staff will ensure that the orientation campaign for that night is updated by 9:30am
  • The Orientation Captain will cross reference the Orientation Campaign attendance with the attendance sheet on Box.
  • The Orientation Captain will look for any duplicate contact records, applications that were not synced with an attendee’s contact record and note how many applicants will need Walk-in applications created. 
  • Screeners will add applicants who have signed up for their interview slots to their ownership. Screeners will also create Walk-in applications for those who have signed for an interview but do not have an application
  • The Orientation Captain will create Walk-in applications for attendees who attended but did not sign up for an interview. 
  • The Orientation Captain will note how many applicants are unsorted [folks who attended but did not sign up for an interview] and distribute equally amongst screeners
  • Screeners will review definitions, references and any other information of the new mentor applicants in their ownership
  • The Orientation Captain will send notes to Screeners about the attendees. Screeners will then send day after emails to applicants in their ownership. 

Contact Information:

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