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National Screening Team Dashboard

The purpose of this article is to explain the different metrics and charts we track on the National Screening Team Dashboard on Salesforce. Click into any dashboard component to see a report more in detail. The dashboard can be filtered by region as well. 

Below lists the different components of the dashboard:

Progress to Gender RTBM Goals

This report shows mentor applicants who are Ready to be Matched, separated by location. It features the regional goals as well so progress can be gauged via bar graphs.

Screening On-Hold

This report shows mentors that have been placed on-hold for up to one year and is in a screener's ownership.  

Buddy Approval Priority

The purpose of this report is to help screeners and the team lead see who is closest to Buddy Approval. Applicants in this report have completed all necessary steps of the screening process save for potentially the mentor contract and photo. Screeners should view this report regularly with the goal of pushing those apps forward asap. 

Reference Completion Priority

This report focuses on mentor applicants who have all of screening done, save for their references. This report will support screeners in focusing on reviewing pending references and/or following up with the applicant for another.

Applicant Watch List (Flags)

This graph tracks applicants that have been flagged with a red, yellow or green flag. Flags are discussed at our Screening Weekly meeting. This report is typically broken down by flag type.

Progress to Gender Goals

This graph shows our progress towards our regional RTBM goals, separated by gender and location.  

Female Screening Progress to RTBM/MATCHED

This report show the RTBM progress-to-goal for only female-identifying mentors, visible as a dial.

Male Screening Progress to RTBM/MATCHED

This report show the RTBM progress-to-goal for only male-identifying mentors, visible as a dial.

Days in Screening

These reports show mentors that have been in the screening process 30 days past their training complete date (orientation), 60 days past and 90 days past. These reports help us identify where people are getting stuck in the pipeline.

Ownership Levels

This report shows the number of mentors that each screener is responsible for and helps us monitor and equitable distribution of applications. This report is broken down by screener.

Gender Non-binary Recruitment Progress

This report shows all mentor applicants in and beyond screening who have answered the gender-identity question as Neither, Non-binary, or Non-binary/gender non-conforming. There is no goal, per say, for this gender identity. So not to lose them in the shuffle, we capture them in a separate report.

Completed Training – IV Missed/TBD

This report shows us mentors that have completed training but need to either reschedule their interview or are still marked as scheduled though their appointment date has passed. This helps managers guide screeners in follow up priorities and to catch anyone whose interview status us not updated. 

Stuck in BG Check

This report shows us any mentors who were fingerprinted 10+ days ago. On average, we get background check results back in 7-10 business days. If a mentor still hasn’t cleared, that indicates that their background check may be stalled due to missing paperwork, an investigation or a need for a reprint. Volunteer Screening Managers are responsible for following up with districts/vendors weekly.

Priority to Schedule Fingerprinting

This report shows mentors who have completed all steps of the screening process except for their background check.  Fingerprinting can often be the part of the screening process which takes the longest, so screeners should view this report to help prioritize which applicants need this attention.


This report shows mentors that have been classified as VIP on their contact record in the “Applicant Relationship to iMentor” field by local recruitment. These applicants should be kept on a screeners' radar. And once the app becomes RTBM, the Buddy Approver should Chatter the local Mentor Engagement team.

Unassigned Apps

This report tracks mentors that have a training complete and interview scheduled/rescheduled date but are not currently owned by a screener. This helps us catch applicants and assign them asap so there's not an unnecessary lack in communication. 

Pending Definitions

This list identifies SAC apps in screening whose definitions have no been reviewed yet. This report should be checked regularly so the list hopefully reads zero. A screeners manager may chatter the screener to review.

All Walk-Ins

This reports shows walk in applications for mentors who have attended orientation and signed up for an interview but have not yet started an online Mentor application. 

Rescreening by Owner

This report shows mentors returning for another match that have been sent back to the screening team for rescreening.  Rescreening can entail anything from a Rescreen interview to just needing an updated contract. The Volunteer Operations Manager communicated these needs directly to the screener via Chatter. All RS apps in this report are owned by a screener. 

Screening Rejected (Current Season)

This report shows all mentors that have been rejected by a screener during the current recruitment season. 

Screening Withdrawal (Current Season)

This report shows all mentors that have been self-withdrawn or staff-withdrawn during the current recruitment season.