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Mentor End-of-Year Calls/Discussions

The Mentor End-of-Year (EoY) Call/Discussion represents the last standardized support touch point that mentors receive each program year as a part of Program Wrap-Up season.  The EoY Call involves the completion of a semi-scripted conversation between the Program Manager (PM) and mentor, typically completed over the phone or by video chat.  These conversations look slightly different based on the context of the school, the grade the mentee is completing, the stage of each pair's relationship and their progress toward programmatic goals.

This article Provides resources for planning, scheduling and managing toward completion of high-quality EoY Calls.

Planning and Scheduling

Each of the resources below are designed to support implementation teams in their efforts to thoughtfully plan and prepare for the completion of high-quality EoY Calls:

Setting Short and Long-Term Completion Goals

Each PM's Program Wrap-Up season will look slightly different based on their partner school and the grade level they support.  This one pager outlines the rationale for and importance of setting a target completion date, as well as interim goals, for the completion of standardized support calls with mentors. 

Reviewing Call Scripts (Mentors in 9th-11th Grade / Mentors in 12th Grade)

In order to develop comfort with the content and rhythm of the EoY Call discussion, as well as in service of identifying opportunities to customize the content for pairs, PMs should review the call script that is appropriate for their cohort.  (Note: The links above direct to the nationally developed EoY Call scripts.  PMs should check with their manager to ensure they are using the correct script in the event that regional implementation leads have made alterations.)

Setting Up A Call Scheduling System

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Each of the resources below are designed to support implementation teams in their efforts to manage toward completion of EoY Calls:

Establishing a Call Completion Workflow

It is strongly recommended that PMs develop a workflow strategy to ensure all mentors complete their EoY Call in a timely fashion.  This link directs towards an exemplar workflow that PMs can simply adopt or work with their managers to modify.

Tracking Toward Completion

This one-pager provides PMs with options for tracking their EoY Call completion and/or scheduling.  PMs are also expected to communicate their progress toward EoY Call completion via their weekly managemetn check-in (Click HERE to access the Program Wrap-Up season PM-Manager Check-In document).

There are two options for tracking call completion in Excel.  The first only tracks  call completion and the second support the appropriate processing steps necessary as a part of program wrap-up (Option 1 and Option 2).

Documenting the Call

The pair support documentation protocol specific to EoY Calls is directly linked above.

Sending a Follow-Up Email (Mentors in 9th-11th Grade / Mentors in 12th Grade)

Because EoY Call content can be dense and each call will generate slightly different next steps, it is important that PMs send a follow-up email to mentors summarizing the discussion and reiterating any tangible action items for the mentor and/or PM.  (Note: The link above directs to a nationally developed template for this email communication, but if region-specific modifications have been made to the call script, PMs may need to use a regionally edited email template.  PMs should check with their manager to ensure they are using the correct follow-up email template.)