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Managing Mentor Site Lists

Creating Mentor Site List Reports
  1. Create a Salesforce report with two specific columns on it: "Platform User ID" and "Match Site List"
  2.  Download the MSL in csv format
3. Manipulate CSV to be uploaded:
  1.  Make sure that every mentor has a user ID 
  2.  Make sure that the Mentor Site List name matches exactly what is in the platform
  3.  In Excel, change “Platform User ID to "iMi Unique ID" in column
  4.  In Excel, change “Mentor Site List” or "Match Pool" to “Site” in column
  5.  Save changes (make sure it's a CSV)
  6. Only two things need be on the CSV: iMi Unique ID and Site
Uploading Mentor Site List: 
  1.  Log into platform as an SA
  2.  Navigate to https://chicago.imentor.org/iuser/go_pass_list/ (if in NYC, Bay, or Baltimore change city name to match your URL)
  3.  In top left corner under actions dropdown, select “Mentor Site List Upload”
  4.  Click “choose file” and select your mentor site list CSV and click “upload”
  5.  If the upload was successful, it will reroute you back to this page (like nothing ever happened). If the upload was unsuccessful, you will receive a 404 error message.
  6.  You can confirm successful upload by following these steps:
    1. Navigate User Management
    2. Set Filters to Match Status "RTBM", User Type "Mentor",  and whichever Mentor Site List was just uploaded and click Update
    3. The list of Users should match your Salesforce Report
 Clearing match lists:
There are two options to clear Mentor Site Lists. 
If you are removing a small number of people, it's easiest to do so manually. To manually clear MSLs, follow the below steps:
  1. Run a Salesforce report for RTBM mentors still on the MSL you want to clear
  2. Open mentor's User Profile and under Mentor Site List, click the dropdown and select "General 9999"
If you are clearning a large number of mentors off a site list:
 you can follow the steps for creating and uploading a New Site List above. Simply change "Site" from the current MSL to "General 9999"