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PSP Enroll Basics and FAQs

Over the program, you’ll use Enroll to organize your work to:

  • Track your students’ progress on matriculation and persistence tasks
  • Target specific students
  • Remember what your next steps are

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you…

  1. get a snapshot of all the information about one student? 
    • To see everything that is happening with one student you need to go their student page. You can do this by typing their name in the Search Bar at the top of the screen, finding them in a Tracker or in Browse at the top right of the screen and then clicking on their name.
  2. sort and filter students to find those who have not completed a task?
    • Trackers live on your homepage/dashboard and you can create trackers to show you the status of all of your students for a given task. You can create trackers for almost everything on the task list.
  3. drag and drop students to make super quick updates?
    • You can drag and drop between columns in your tracker in order to make updates to a student’s page. This is the fastest and easiest way to make updates. To make sure your trackers are set up for this, create or update a tracker and instead of choosing a Filter – leave the filters blank, and scroll to where it says Group By and select the task you want to update.
  4. print a list of students and the tasks they need to complete?
    • Click on Browse -> Cohort 2019 in the top right corner, then select the Task and Status in the menu on the left and hit Update. Finally, hit Download Report on the upper right of your screen. The download will be in the form of an excel document.
    • Open up any of your trackers -> Click Print  -> Click the Print Tracker button at the top of the screen. Finally, the print dialogue box opens up and you should review print settings and hit Print
  5. decide on the best way to make a tracker? There are many ways to create a tracker – here are some pointers.
    • Featured option -> Group by - allows you to see all of your students organized by their status for the selected question. The benefit is that in this tracker you can drag and drop students to update their status
    • Tag Filters – allows you to see only specific group of students. First you choose a question and then you select the status you are interested in. For instance, if you only want to see students who still need to take the placement test you would make a tracker this way. The benefit is that you will have a targeted group of students in this tracker and can easily post case notes for any group outreach using the Post Form feature.
    • Keyword Filters – allows you to create a filter for questions that are text fields. For instance, you can create a filter for students going to a particular college. Then, you can easily update case notes when sending out communications to each group using the Post Form feature.
  6. enter a note?
    • For one student: Select a student, click on the Forms tabs and select the Notes form
    • For multiple students:
      • To begin use either your All My Students tracker or another tracker that corresponds to the students you connected with - for instance, you may have sent a text to all students who still need to take a placement test.
      • Next, select Post Form and then select Note
      • Then, answer all of the questions below Step 1
      • Once you have answered all of the questions in Step 1 continue on to Step 2 - “Selecting your destination pages” - this is where you select which students this note should appear for. You can select all, deselect all - and check or uncheck students individually
      • Double check all of your answers and selection of students. Batch form posting cannot be undone in one go. Once you submit the form, edits can only be performed by visiting each page individually. Make sure you have double checked your answers to all of the questions and the students you have selected
      • Finally, click on Post Form
      • Now when you go to a student’s page this note will appear

*If you have more questions, reach out to #support-enroll on Slack