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Creating Persistence Plans for Pairs

Creating and Sharing Persistence Plans

There are two types of Persistence Plans that PMs can share with pairs to work on throughout their PSP experience. By using a Google doc the pairs can work together with their PM on the plan collaboratively and update and edit easily. The plan templates can be found here:

College Pathway Persistence Plan

Career Pathway Persistence Plan

How to distribute and track Persistence Plans with pairs

One a PM has identified a pair who will be working on a Persistence Plan, they will need to make that pair a unique plan and store the link for easy access. One that plan is created, you can share the link with your pairs so they can work on it together.  You can do that by:

1. Open the Persistence Plan in your iMentor Google account 

2, Make a copy of the plan by selecting File--> Make a Copy

3. Rename plan with student/pair name and save in your regional folder 


4. Select green Share button in top right of new document. Under "Get Link", select "Copy Link"

5. Store individual pair links in a spreadsheet and share links with pairs