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Articles on how to use and support pairs using the Conversations tool


Conversations FAQs for Staff
FUNCTIONALITY Are mentors and mentees notified when their other half sends them a message via Conversations? Will Conversations appear on all mentee/mentor pages or just on the Current Lesson page (eg. Calendar, Lessons, etc.)? Wh...
Getting the most out of Conversations
Conversations is designed to be a flexible space for staff and pairs to use as needed. This can be a powerful communication tool for pairs inside and outside of class. What can pairs write about in Conversations? Personal updates : Pairs can sha...
The iMentor Mobile App
iMentor has created a mobile app for both iPhone and Android that can be used for Conversations between mentors and mentees, as well as viewing Tasks and Announcements. The app works just like any other instant messaging service, where users send di...